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So Online Radio is a your favorite south east based Internet and online radio station. Tune in and free online listen to 24/7 live streaming on So Online Radio.

Radio has found a new life through the internet and So Online Radio is a station redefining the listening experience. Forget established stations and music journalists; if you want to keep your finger on the pulse of music and the creative underground, So Online Radio is the place to go. Our DJs and Presenters are part of a global network of international music creative minds – many even are artists themselves – with access to new and interesting music, free from playlists and pluggers. So Online Radio is global in one sense by existing on the web, but we are very much rooted in our communities and cities, operating in DIY spaces that encourage team-work and local know-how to function – giving listeners a genuine flavour of the place from which we transmit. Most stations will always give something back to the local community, whether that’s through parties, championing local artists and scenes, producing zines and even being part of youth and community work in the direct vicinity. Operating out of the world wide web, our collective goal when So Online was founded in 2018 has been to give creative talents and music-lovers the best online platform possible to share their love and passion of music. With an emphasis on somewhere for music fans to gather and share experiences. Our Independence and freedom are vital, especially in cities so fast-paced and (sometimes at least) seemingly hinged on capital gains rather than artistic integrity. We give all our energy to create the best platform possible, both online and offline, both for the audience and content contributors. We believe music is one of the last things in our world that is somehow sacred and we want to create of personal venue, both online and offline for the people who feel the same. And it is extraordinary to see how many people feel the same, no matter the country, the background, the genre of music, our team brings all together in a place that is 100% independent and 100% aimed at making it flourish. We hope and We think So Online Radio will give you the platform that music lovers of the world need. We will also give you a real place to meet and get to know each other outside of a party, dance floor or concert venue. A daytime place where two DJs from completely different backgrounds who might have never met are now meeting before or after their shows and talking potential collaborations. We hope to give you a little island of music where you can always come back to. We know this because we are behind you, presenting you with the most interesting and passionate people we have and have the pleasure to meet. Our global reach is something we find exciting and helps us take it, near-solid love of music, to as many listeners as possible: It is incredible because we have the potential to link the extra-local to the global, especially as our station focuses on fantastic music.

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